As technology has progressed, we've had to say goodbye to cassette tapes, VHS players and bulky cathode-ray-tube television sets. We've had to throw out the box-like desktop computers that gathered dust in our closets after the local Virginia computer repair serviceman told us that buying a new PC would actually be cheaper than locating the discontinued parts needed for computer repair.

But, change is a part of life, and changes in technology are coming faster and faster. As this happens, the new inevitably replaces the old. Here are four products and technologies whose time is running short:

1. Traditional cell phones. As more and more companies are producing smartphones, the retail cost keeps going down, making smartphones affordable and available to more people. Some Androids can go for as low as $20 while older versions of the iPhone can be purchased for under $100 with existing contracts. Plus, having access to the internet from your cell phone is just too convenient for many people to put off much longer.

2. MP3 players. MP3 devices have been around for a while, and the iPod was a world-wide phenomenon back in 2001, but many smartphones, such as the iPhone, have built-in MP3 technology. Bottom line: if people get a cell phone that can double as a music listening device, they don't need an MP3 player – why carry around two devices if you only need one?

3. Cameras. While professional quality cameras attract a specific set of buyers, the point-and-shoot digital cameras just can't compete with smartphones that can now take high quality photographs – and upload online in seconds.

4. CDs and DVDs. When it comes to enjoying music, television shows and movies, downloading and streaming is simply cheaper and more convenient. Plus, cloud technology has replaced the need for CDs as storage units and made these files accessible anywhere.