Malwarebytes is the king of all spyware removal software! What is Malwarebytes? Malwarebytes is a free malware removal tool that works quite effectively at eliminates viruses and spyware from computers. The problem with viruses and spyware is that they serious hinder system performance. The longer a virus remains on a person’s computer, the worse the performance. Some computers even begin to lose access to the internet. However, when you are strapped for cash, it’s late at night and all the computer repair companies are closed, you might have to resolve the problem yourself. This is where Malwarebytes comes to the rescue. It is free, easy to use, and available for download. Here are some of the top features:
• Fast and Easy to Use
• Does not hog computer resources
• Quick scan that can scan computer for infections usually in under 10 minutes
• Can scan multiple drives
• Network drive scanning capabilities
• Simple interface
• Real-time access (paid version)
• Website blocking
• Works well with other anti-virus software
• Finds things that programs such as Norton or McAfee fail to report
• Excellent customer service
• Multiple languages
• Ignore List
• Support all the way back to Windows 2000 computers

However, like most free programs it does not come without problems. Malwarebytes is in no way a perfect program. Here are a few problems that you may experience:
• Misses some Trojans, will need to run multiple scans as times
• Scans can take some time on slower, older machines
• Full scan is a bit lengthy
• Too many updates for some
• Can be confusing for those who are not tech savvy
Malwarebytes is not intended to replace your existing anti-virus software. Instead, it acts more as a last line of defense in preventing more damage from occurring to your computer. It you have a relatively fast computer, it will run well without committing too much to available memory and allow you to run other programs during the scan. I would recommend it to everyone becomes it gives you the added sense of protection that we all need. The internet is a dangerous battleground and programs such as this one can give users added comfort in knowing that they can keep their machines safe. Although this program generally runs faster than other programs like it, there are certain users who will experience very long scanning times. This most likely has a lot to do with the state in which their computer was in when they originally ran the scan. That is why it is very important to schedule scans daily to prevent the computer from getting to infected.