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Internet Browser Security

Internet Browser Security We have all been hit my computer viruses at one or another in our lifetimes. They always seem to come at the most inopportune times. We have term papers due, portfolios due, and deadline to meet and o...Read More

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HELP! I Deleted My Document!

HELP! I Deleted My Document! One of the most frustrating things in the world is when you accidentally deleting a document. Rather it be an essay that is due the next day, a presentation with the deadline the next day, or the last chapter of the n...Read More

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Help! I got the FBI Virus

Help! I got an FBI virus! What is it? The FBI virus has recently made its evil introduction to the cyber world. It strikes fear into the hearts of those who come across, but what exactly is it. It is actually k...Read More

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Roaring Lion

Mac Lion OSX What else is left to say about Apple these days? Ipad…Check. Ipad2…Check. Iphone 4…Check. Ipod…Check. Lion OSX…Unchecked. As thousands to millions of people frantically flock to their nearest Apple stores in search for ...Read More

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Issues with Mac Optical Drives

Issues with Mac Optical Drives Everyone and everything is going digital! As a result, older mediums such as CDs and DVDs are becoming less common and eventually, like its predecessors the cassette tapes and VHS, obsolete. Even newer disc techno...Read More

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Is onsite computer repair that much better than me taking it to the shop?

Is onsite computer repair that much better than me taking it to the shop? When our computers stopped working properly, we often find ourselves at a crossroads? We have called various computer repair companies and see that there are two separate typ...Read More

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Two Anti-Virus Programs at Once

When you have a headache, the first thing you want to do is take some medicine to get better. You may choose from a variety of different medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Nyquil, etc. In the end, you hope that by taking one of those medications...Read More

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Macs and Malware

Apple this and Apple that. Do the success of the iPhone and more recently the iPad, people have gone iCrazy. Everywhere you go you see people with their heads down laying with iPhones and iPads. However, when it comes to laptops and desktop comput...Read More

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Keeping Your Data Safe

We now live in a society in which there is such a large amount of information sharing that sometimes we forget how much we are actually sharing. Nowadays, we let one another know not only what we are thinking, but also where. With torrent sites a...Read More

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Apple may not be producing a PC version of its Safari browser.

No more Safari for PC users, tech reporters speculate

According to the web development website W3Schools, just over 4 percent of internet users listed Safari as their web browser of choice this past June. The browser, which is a built-in feature of Apple's Mac operating system, falls far behind ...Read More

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