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Mac Lion has not been entirely free of problems in its early stage

Bugs in Mac OS X Lion to look out for

While some Apple users have embraced the company's latest operating system, Mac OS X Lion, with open arms, others have been more hesitant and have decided to wait out the initial bumpy period of program glitches and software patches. The latte...Read More

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Battery life can be an important concern for laptop users

Buying a laptop with longer battery life

There are a number of ways to judge a laptop's value, but at the top of the list may be its battery life. After all, what's the point of owning a portable computer if it can't run without outlet power for more than a few minutes, or if...Read More

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Laptop battery life can be fickle, but there are ways for users to get the most out of their battery

Quick and easy ways to extend a laptop’s battery life

Laptop computers are great for their portability and convenience, but if their battery life is short, they're no more useful than a clunky old desktop computer. There are a few ways laptop users can extend their computer's battery life, an...Read More

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Security measures may protect users when they surf the web on a wireless network

Getting a handle on wireless network security

A home wireless network can be a great way for users to connect to the internet from anywhere in their home, but it's vital to establish security measures. That will prevent unauthorized users from piggybacking off the new network. An unsecure...Read More

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A few items will have users accessing the internet through wireless connection

Three things you need to set up wireless internet on a laptop

Accessing the internet via a desktop computer and direct hookup has its advantages, but many consumers prefer the portability and convenience of a laptop. Rather than remain tethered to their home's ethernet cable, users can set up a home wire...Read More

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Apple's Mac Mini is sold without a keyboard, mouse or monitor

New Mac Mini a departure from previous versions

Apple users tired of performing Mac repair on their old desktop may have considered upgrading to the newest version of the Mac Mini. Apple's latest Mini, ...Read More

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Why is My Computer So Slow????

Frustrated Lady Slow ComputerRead More

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Lion offers new features that are similar to what one might find in Apple's mobile devices

New features offered in Mac OS X Lion

Apple's new operating system, known as Mac OS X Lion, was released this summer, and it's received favorable reviews for its new user-friendly features. Most consumers like to buy Apple computers for security purposes, and Lion continues to...Read More

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Consumers have options when shopping for anti-virus protection

Finding the right mix when it comes to malware protection

Consumers in the market for malware removal software will encounter a bevy of options, and it can be difficult to decide exactly how much and which types of software to purchase. After all, a spyware-fighting program won't cover them for virus...Read More

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Consumers may want the expanded features of a paid anti-virus suite

Shopping for paid anti-virus software

While some consumers rely on free virus removal software to protect their computers, others want the expanded features and extensive coverage of a paid anti-viru...Read More

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